Hello friends if you are looking for Kerala state lottery then you are on right Wepage. Here you can check lottery result after declared the draw result. Kerala State Lottery  is run by the Government of Kerala, Which is Established in 1967.

The Kerala lottery result  declared at 3 pm every day of the draw day. Kerala State Lotteries is an official announcement by the Kerala government.   First prize of Kerala state lottery is 70 lakh and second prize is 10 lakh and 3rd prize is 1 lakh. Every friday Nirmal lottery draw of Kerala state occur.  The finance minister department of Kerala govt gives the idea to stable income source common and low people. Please stay connected with us and check the result.

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Weekly kerala lotteries

Draw Day Lottery Name MRP(INR) FRST PRIZE (INR)
Friday  NIRMAL WEEKLY 40/- 70,00,000/-
saturday KARUNYA 50/- 80,00,000/-
Sunday  POURNAMI 40/- 80,00,000/-
monday WIN-WIN 40/- 75,00,000/-
Tuesday STHREE SAKTHI 40/- 75,00,000/-
wednesday AKSHAYA 40/- 70,00,000/-
thursday KARUNYA PLUS 40/- 80,00,000/-


   Kerala State Bumper Lotteries

Lottery Draw Month

First Prize(INR)

Christmas New Year Bumper January 12 Crore
Summer Bumper March 6 Crore
Vishu Bumper May 6 Crore
Monsoon Bumper July 6 Crore
Thiruvonam Bumper September 12 Crore
Pooja Bumper November 6 Crore


Kerala Lottery Result:

The Kerala lottery weekly results are Nirmal lottery, karunya lottery, pournami lottery, win-win, sthree Sakthi, Akshaya, karunya plus.   Nirmal held Friday, karunya had Saturday, pournami held Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, respectively. Kerala lottery result was announced at 3 pm. 

 Kerala Bumper Lottery Result: 

The Kerala state government pay out lots of money to help the needy people and charity distribution by Kerala lottery. Kerala bumper lottery results are named at the festival. That showed that the government of Kerala given more importance to festivals. 

Christmas New Year Bumper (January); Summer Bumper (March); Vishu Bumper (May); Monsoon Bumper (July); Thiruvonam Bumper (September); Pooja Bumper (November). 


1:How much can be  Kerala lottery tax?

At the moment,  all the prize-winning claims mighty  Rs: 10,000/-  will be deducted 30% of tax. The broker’s prize claims that an amount equivalent to 10% of the claim will be deducted as income taxation.  

2:Do I pay taxation on Kerala Lottery prize winnings?

 Suppose anyone receives money from the lottery on prize-winning for all prize winnings mighty  Rs. 10,000, shall be deducted 30% of income tax. The lottery player must be in contact with the lottery district office for extra information. 

3:Can anyone buy the Kerala lottery?

Kerala lottery tickets are available within the state and the residents of the state. So only the people of Kerala state buy Kerala lottery tickets, and they try their luck. 

 4:Is lottery legal in Kerala?

Yes! Kerala lottery is legal and genuine. Kerala State Lottery is run by the Government of Kerala, Which is Established in 1967.

5:Where can I watch the Kerala Lottery draw?

In Kerala’s state, there are different locations where the draw is held so quickly public watch the Draws at each venue. Moreover, you can get venue information from local lottery agents and also by media.

6:Where buy Kerala Lottery tickets?

There are 100.000 retailers where the player can buy a ticket. You must contact the district lottery office for more information and find any nearest trustable agent. When you buy a ticket, after that you should put your name and address on the back. So please never take a chance someone else claiming your prize. Moreover, please save your ticket.