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West Bengal State Lottery Prize list
1st Prize  Rs- 31 Lakh
Cons. Prize Rs- 1000/-
2nd Prize Rs- 9000/-
3rd Prize Rs- 500/-
4th Prize Rs- 310/-
5th Prize Rs- 120/-


West Bengal Lottery Weekly  Names
Every Monday Dear Bangalakshmi Teesta
Every Tuesday Dear Bangalakshmi Torsha
Every Wednesday Dear Bangabhumi Raidak
Every Thursday Dear Bangabhumi Bhagirathi
Every Friday Dear Bangabhumi Ajay
Every Saturday Dear Bangasree Damodar
Every Sunday Dear Bangasree Ichamati


West Bengal State Lottery Old Results:

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West Bengal State Lottery Result

The results of the West Bengal Lottery result draw take place at Noon every day. You can check and download the results from the able download link. We put our best to update the results in a PDF file. So, aloof, you get live results easily and very quickly. So please stay connected.

Importance of this lottery in people life:

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Claim Prizes:

If you are lucky to win a prize, then you will be required to give in a  winning ticket which you signed backside with along claim form. Some of the information you will provide includes your name, name of the lottery, address,  contact number, photograph,  prize amount, identification details, and bank details.


  • What is the prize detail of the West Bengal State Lottery? 

The first prize of the Dear Bangabhumi Bhagirathi lottery is  Rs 50 lakhs. , the second prize winner will be able to get  Rs 9000, the third prize winner gets Rs 500, the fourth prize winner get Rs 250.

  • When will West Bengal State Lottery Result announced?

The results of the West Bengal State Lottery result will be announced at 4 pm.

  • Wherefrom I can buy a lottery ticket?

There are many retailers where people can buy a ticket. But You must contact the nearest trustable agent or an authorized retailer.

  • Is lottery legal in West Bengal?

Yes, the West Bengal state lottery is legal. You know very well 13 Indian states have authorized the lottery, so west Bengal is one of them.

  • How can anyone play lotto in West Bengal?

It is very simple. Once you connect it, you fill out the west Bengal legal lottery ticket. You choose your lucky numbers. Then, select the payment method you’ll make use of to buy the ticket and make sure your transaction. 

  • From where do you can check the west Bengal state lottery result?

You can check the west Bengal state lottery result from the official website, or you can also check here on  our  website Lotteryresulttoday. in